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A parts feeder can align scattered parts in order and convey them in a consistent posture.
The device seems to be just a magic box, but as a matter of fact, it incorporates precision mechanisms.

Parts feeders are simple devices comprised of leaf springs, electromagnets, the vibratory vessel and various other parts. Their main functions are to align and feed parts in manufacturing and assembly processes-critical tasks in today's increasingly diversified and technologically complex production systems. For improved production efficiency, parts feeders must be both faster and more reliable.

Profeeder - Parts Feeders can automatically align a wide variety of components (machine parts, electronic parts, plastic parts, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foods, miscellaneous goods, etc…), and feed them via a vibratory trough for processing in automated production machines.

We have been working on part feeder many years and that bring us the unique know-hows and experiences PROFEEDER's tooling technology, which spans everything from design and production through to fine tuning attachments, has been developed out of many years of experience, and handles the automatic alignment and feeding of many kinds of traditionally difficult parts. All of PROFEEDER products are peerless in their workmanship and finish.


Part feeder used to replace workers in feeding components in right place to picking & placing mechanism of automatic assembly and testing machine. Feeding speed up to 50 pcs / min helps reduce labor and boot up productivity.

For small products such as electronic components, pills ... the testing method using a camera is the best way to detect defects. However if using human or other traditional method to feed, machine would not take advantage of rapid testing capabilities of Camera. Vibrating bowl feeder with possibility of up to 100pcs / min would be the optimal solution.

Counting and packaged application products using vibrating bowl feeder not only help replace humans but also automaticaly classify the size, giving exact figures and eliminate defects.

Vibratory bowl feeder is integrated into the drilling and tapping machine help fully automate machining process. Especially applicable to mass production of small products. Vibratory bowl feeder is also user for CNC machines or other special equipment